classic car import


· 00. You find Your Dream Car in our hungarian or U.S. offers. Here is your opportunity to browse over 500 cars in stock and choose from the best to you! If you can not find the right one, we search it, whatever is the color or the engine, the brand or type is dominant, from one hundred dollars, even hundreds of thousands. We buy on eBay or at auction, buy from private sellers, or represent your interests at dealers

· 01. If you would like more information about the selected car, we give it you. Our U.S. offers database is directly available with details, and in case of the searched cars, with our colleagues help we find out up to date information about it. We show you all the details as accurately as possible, when preparing a bid, to do not a pig in a poke. We prepare accurate costings for the purchase price and associated costs of the selected car.

· 02. When we negotiate the purchase we present high-resolution photos and video for documentation and also make you sure that we reveal every little known scratches, dents and so on. We can prepare a written documentation about the condition of the car by special request. Our policy is not to conceal any details of the car and presented all the available information about it.

· 03. Our new service is upon a request, we arrange a personal, first hand visit at the inventory - whether as an organized tour from Europe.

· 04. We provide the safest and the best available terms of payment.

· 05. Cars are shipped and railed in containers, properly secured and insured. Journey times vary in each case. (6-8 weeks maximum)

· 06. At your car's receiving we provide full administration and full localization. We offer the possibility of customs in EU countries as well. At the special localization, registration and all of the administration, we provide a complex service. At servicing, restoration, reconstruction, components sourcing - safely count on us!

· 07. Suitable technical and service background and component supply we can also provide to any car sold in the U.S.