ot/fiva certificate


More than 30 years age, veteran cars (OT- Old Timer) and FIVA (Federaration Internationale des Vichles Anciens) preparation for testing.If you want to preserve your car in perfect condition and get an official certificate there are two options. The first option is the certificate issued by the MAVAMSZ (OT) rating or the international organization the FIVA.In our workshop we undertake to OT / FIVA exam preparation for cars made in the relevant age, demand-examination of the case as well.Over 30 years, cars must fulfill the strict requirements in both cases.Some information about FIVA qualification:The Hungarian Vintage Car and Motorcycle Association, as the FIVA national representation, since 2001, is entitled to carry out the FIVA certification. With the privileges of living since 2007 and to date nearly 200 vehicles received such a certificate.The 5/1990. (IV.12.) KöHÉM Decree 19 / A §. (12) Art. Under d) of the vehicles in Hungary with FIVA qualified administrative fee to the museum will receive certification without additional testing. FIVA ID card is valid for 10 years, so two full five-year cycle included.All FIVA major event or contest the terms and conditions as dictated in the FIVA ID card is present.With the 10-year validity with regard to the quality requirements of the domestic top class rating expectations expectations are the same, the rating process and methodology of the home otherwise meet.The certification fee of 320 Euro, discount MAVAMSZ membership subject to availability.You can find some inforamtion about the qualification: MAVAMSZ