We take full the restoration on American vintage cars. Our team completely disassembled the cars (cataloging, restoring, replacing the parts.)Depending on the situation we blast the chassis with corrosion resistant coating. We clean all the screws in the car and after that we galvanized white and yellow finish. We are replacing and restorating the undercarriage parts, the ball heads and also the silent blocks. We are installing new dampers and brake parts.Our bodywork improve corroded parts of the body or replace and the surface is treated with chemical corrosion rust converter.If we can not repair the parts we replace for body panels, or if it is not possibe to obtain these, we punches and hand-prdouce it. The engine and transmission factory renovation or tuning parts professional machine shop in a carrier. We polish the body in heat chamber polishing workshop with layer structure, (for example: aurbrush, or striped pinstripe). The interior design factory upon request or renew your custom upholstery.The car restoration settlement with photographic documentation and detailed phases of work are logged.